Our Policies

Our Policies

Our Environmental Policy:

To have a nature-friendly identity with minimum carbon emission while performing our logistics activities and to develop it by making use of the developing technology beyond ensuring its continuity.

Our Human Rights Policy:

Ersel Logistics believes that we should respect all people. We are committed to respecting human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its two equivalents, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. We avoid violating our people, complicit in violating the human rights of others, and we comply with the laws of the countries where we do business.

Educational Activities:

As a sector that aims to contribute to the development of the logistics sector, we carry out joint social responsibility activities with educational institutions serving this purpose in order to bring successful individuals to our sector. These activities are; to provide gratuitous scholarships, to establish dormitories that will appeal to the students, to carry out all kinds of activities that will increase the manners and knowledge of the students or to support the activities and to give gratuitous scholarships to those who will do a master’s degree in the country or abroad. In this context, together with the Contracted Vocational Schools; Support is provided in organizing seminars, technology days and special training activities.

Social Responsibility Principles

Keeping the motivation and productivity of its employees at the highest level with continuous training, providing the highest quality service to its customers in the most economical conditions by following technological innovations, accepting risk management as a part of all the activities it carries out, evaluating the opportunities by constantly improving the service quality, respecting ethical values, with a team spirit To be a company that can work, has a high competitive power in its sector, and focuses on customer satisfaction in this context.

Our Social Responsibility Principles:

As Ersel Logistics, we take care to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities towards society in all geographies where we operate.
We act in accordance with international human rights policies; we also require our employees and suppliers to act within the framework of these policies.
We ensure that our employees’ personal rights are fully and correctly used.
We ensure that our employees work under safe conditions.
We carry out studies that will minimize the environmental impacts that may arise from all our activities.
We strive for the development of our employees and our society within the framework of the principle of social responsibility, and we support educational activities that will contribute to our society and industry.
We encourage the certification of our company by complying with certain quality standards.

Customer relations management

Our institution, which has adopted a customer-oriented management style, realizes the investments made in line with customer needs and expectations in order to protect and increase quality standards and accordingly to provide better service to its customers. In order to identify these needs, it works with a human resources management philosophy that determines critical control points and meets these customer expectations with a customer-oriented perspective in process development activities including all sales, operations and financial processes. Customer Relations Management has aimed at sustainable customer satisfaction with continuous improvement works aimed at increasing customer satisfaction by carrying out studies to evaluate the services received by our customers from Ersel Logistics.

Studies to evaluate the level of satisfaction of customers with the services they have received from Ersel Logistics (visit, survey, complaint management, etc.)

> Determining how strategic corporate decisions affect customer satisfaction

> Revealing potential grievance issues

> Learning about customers’ expectations

> Identifying improvement areas that will increase customer satisfaction

> Participating in the working processes in the areas to be improved as decided by the senior management and contributing to the studies. Aiming to develop a long-term communication process with our customers, Customer Relationship Management creates a bridge between our customers who receive service from our company and creates an alternative communication channel. In this communication process, customer expectations and needs are determined, and it serves the objectives of improving customer service awareness and, accordingly, increasing the service quality and level of satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management Activities

Customer Segmentation Studies: At the beginning of each year, segmentation studies are carried out and customer segments are determined by updating the company’s strategic customers and segments in the second half of the year.

Customer Visits: In addition to customer visits by the sales teams, customer visits are made by the Customer Relations Management department to develop close relations, identify needs and expectations, and identify alternative and new areas of cooperation. The feedbacks received from the customers during the visits are evaluated objectively and systematically together with the relevant business party.

Customer Feedbacks: Customer complaints/suggestions/requests/acknowledgments and other feedbacks are recorded, root cause determination studies are carried out by analyzing these feedbacks, and measures are planned to prevent the recurrence of the problems. In the Call Center established for this purpose, customer feedbacks collected through the Phone, Customer Visits, Web Form, Questionnaire form, Ersel Lojistik Mavi line info@ersel.com.tr e-mail address and wish-request e-mail address info@Ersellojistik.com.tr are recorded. . Issues are shared with the relevant business teams, and feedback is provided to our customers within specified periods (within 2 business days for complaints).

Call Center Management: Prices, suggestions and requests received by our Call Center are recorded and forwarded to the relevant business units. In addition, our Call Center systematically conducts customer calls in order to provide better service to our customers, anticipate their changing needs and expectations, and promote our sales services.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Online or tele-surveys are conducted by our Call Center in certain periods in order to determine the satisfaction level of customers receiving service from Ersel Lojistik regarding their business processes, and to identify their needs and problems.