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Who are we?

A wide geography including Asia and Eastern Europe; With its rich fleet, expert staff, Turquality support and international experience, it offers road, rail, sea and airline services as well as multimodal and intermodal solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, as well as warehousing, customs clearance, e-commerce, e-export and B2B and B2C delivery solutions. It also offers fast cargo transportation services.

As Ersel Logistics (Ersel Group of Companies) since 2000, it has adopted the principle of informing its customers accurately and on time, in the most accurate, fastest way and at every moment of the process, by first listening to its customers and then producing unique solutions, based on the experience we have gained in the transportation sector as a result of many years. we are a company.

In the developing world, countries’ logistics, customs, etc. Our main goal is to keep up to date with the legislative changes in the fields and to inform our business partners early, to minimize possible disruptions.

Today, Ersel Logistics has a lot of facilities such as management, vehicle maintenance, shipment control center and parking area within its 15-decare land.

The vision of Ersel Logistics, which has set out with the mission of providing transparent, innovative and single-center logistics solutions to international companies since the first day of its establishment, is to be an environmentally conscious Turkish company that has completed its branding, continuing to provide end-to-end integrated logistics services in the global market.

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We continue to progress with our qualification certificates valid all over the world, our own vehicles and technology.

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