Rail Freight

Rail Freight

rail transport; It is a type of transportation that allows companies to receive services without creating very high costs during the transportation of heavy and bulky loads.

There are many points that offer quality solutions to companies in railway transportation service. First of all, it is an environmentally friendly solution and the advantages offered by the routes have increased the demand for international rail transport. Ersel Logistics, which has been providing reliable rail transportation services for a long time, offers its customers significant cost and transit time advantages by using the RO-LA transportation system. In addition, Ersel Logistics also provides single or group wagon transportation and Block Train transportation services to the Middle East and European countries.

Ersel Logistics Rail Freight Product Models

Our team carries out professional operations within rail transport and all other transport services.

Our staff, working with the principle of creating 100% satisfaction and confidence in our customers, to whom we provide railway transportation services, aims to provide quality solutions in every process. With the Health Logistics rail transport service, you can transport your heavy tonnage products in the most economical and high quality way. Our wagon transportation support ensures the correct and healthy delivery of your products. Moreover, faster transfer is realized according to the traffic factor of road use.


Ersel Logistics

Proudly on the Road for 20 Years

Ersel Logistics (Ersel Group of Companies), which was established by our elders who have grown up with many years of experience in the sector, officially started its activities in 2000. Today, Ersel Logistics has many opportunities such as management, vehicle maintenance, shipment control center and parking area in its 15 decares of land. has on it.