Customs & Warehousing

Customs & Warehousing

The first stop of the products imported to Turkey is customs and bonded warehouses where the goods are unloaded.

Whether the importers bring their products to Turkey by land, sea or air, the imported products must be unloaded into bonded warehouses until the customs clearance procedures are completed and import permits are issued or the customer pays the import tax.

Intercombi, which has very serious operations in every channel of International Transportation, also offers its customers Bonded warehousing service integrated with International transportation.

Customs & Warehousing

It has a total of 25,000 m2 bonded warehouses, 4 of which are contracted and affiliated to Intercombi, Halkalı, Ambarlı, Erenköy and Dilovası customs. Intercombi Warehouses, known by the customs for their clean history and quality services, ensure that their customers’ products are accepted into the warehouse in the fastest way. Value added services, transit transactions, customs clearance services and other complementary logistics services are also provided for the stocking of goods in the Intercombi bonded warehouses, all of which are fire-installed, high-shelf and managed under information systems.

Ersel Logistics

Proudly on the Road for 20 Years

Ersel Logistics (Ersel Group of Companies), which was established by our elders who have grown up with many years of experience in the sector, officially started its activities in 2000. Today, Ersel Logistics has many opportunities such as management, vehicle maintenance, shipment control center and parking area in its 15 decares of land. has on it.