HR Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Progress with a human resources policy that puts people at the center as an important value.
  • To create participatory and learning organizations that can adapt to changing world conditions and business systems in line with the strategic plan and goals of the organization
  • Selecting qualified manpower in line with the company’s goal, taking into account the needs of not only today but also the future
  • Making continuous education an indispensable policy that will support the work and private life of employees, seeing education and development as an investment in human resources
  • Rewarding success, encouraging and rewarding project work, supporting and encouraging new ideas
  • Establishing a value-oriented management structure that supports initiative, rewards performance and ensures employee satisfaction
  • Performing the right talent analysis, creating and managing the talent pool in order to recruit the leaders of the future
  • To create a fair, open and transparent organization that respects the personality of the personnel
  • Taking preventive, regulatory and disciplinary measures instead of prohibitions
  • Implementing a fair, industry competitive remuneration system within the company
  • Strengthening the image of Ersel inside and outside the company
We have always worked with the motto of do the best no matter what your job is. To understand our customers well, to empathize, to deliver complete products on time. We worked with the conditions of protecting beliefs and values ​​and being respectful.

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We produce our own technologies with our engineering and technology team, which is not found in any company in our sector.

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